Fred Miranda comparison confirms DXO results. 5D III blown away.

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Re: In the real world, higher MPs capture more detail

SubPrime wrote:

Shotcents wrote:

Hey, Subprime! I own a 5DII and ordered a D800. I actually think "wipes the floor" is a bit much.

I was not referring to prints but 100% crops of the same regions from the Imaging Resources web site.

And havign viewed 30x20 prints from both cameras, the D800 does produce more detail.

BTW. I have a 5D2 and a D700 and will hopefully upgrading both of them soon.

Like Carl you should get D800 and move to Nikon instead of keep whining in this Canon forum with purely fanboyism and empty words. Take an action and a plunge like a man and stop groaning like a woman

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