DXO re-measures the M8's dynamic range…..

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Re: Nice pic and caption, Gianluca

stevielee wrote:

felipe-m wrote:

You being the authority on teenage behavior, I'll just keep learning form your wise words. And as with your Leica obsession, I know that when you insult me and call me all those cool-sounding funky things is because, deep down you actually love and appreciate me

Your truly, the (proud to be) LOL guy!

I believe that it was you who originally conjured up the whole "teenager" motif as part of your "LOL" supporting platform. I was merely extrapolating here on your teenager wannabe musing - with it's associated, and fairly dated vernacular.

Sure, I brought it up, but you are clearly the master of teenage behavior

And yes, I do confess of having some degree of "love and appreciate" for your yappy dog with a Leica heretic bone (myself) to snarl on schtick -- as well as your playful sense of humor; something that is rather short supply around here in the greater high church of thinner skinned Leica enthusiasts.

Hey, I knew you were joking! Who in their right mind would be so seriously, consistently, utterly, passionately visceral about a camera he claims not to own or be interested in? Even to the point of strongly attacking and insulting a whole bunch of people he doesn't even know anything about? Ridiculous, right? It had to be a joke Had it been serious, it would either be somebody with a real problem, or a serious troll, somebody with an agenda, on a competitor's payroll or something...

So you just keep on keeping on " LOL" Leicaman . It's been a real pleasure going back and forth with you here in these forums for a spell..

Yours somewhat truly, but most sincerely, and with affection,


Hey, wait a minute, dude, don't leave me! I don't accept that, I just don't, you still have a lot of insulting to throw my way! And you just made it to the top 10 of posters in the Leica Forum!, The top is near stevie! Come baaaaaack!!!

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