5D3 vs D800 - A Technical Analysis (UPDATED & EXTENDED) - With Samples

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Ignorance and Rudeness and Finding Another Forum


The astroturfers and trolls have managed to almost fully corrupt this forum and they seem to have a special enmity for anything you post. While I suspect "they" are really one or two people with personality disorders and multiple screen names (note how often the same four or five names post in the same threads but not in others), it makes it very difficult to actually discuss what you are saying.

I suggest that you might want to take the very interesting and useful work that you are doing over to someplace like photo.net or fredmiranda which are much more actively moderated and have a much more honest ethos than what goes on around here.

The people who meet you with rudeness and ignorance are not posting or discussing anything in good faith, so there really is no point in talking to them. They are either paid to spread FUD about the 5d3 or they are severely disturbed, or possibly both.

Since Andy Westlake won't really control them, they will continue to destroy any thread you start.

But what you are doing is clearly very valuable. Take it to another venue, and let us know where you go.


Legion5 wrote:

Listen, I've extensively consulted with professors at Cambridge University, staff at DxOMark and imaging-resource and and Canon and Nikon's own technical guys on the facts I have presented. The information I have here deserves as much respect as what you would find from the most trusted and top sources out there.

When I speak to experts I receive polite and very well informed discussions that are genuinely useful along with extremely nice treatment - DxOMark offered me a business proposal to help show the effects of signal processing on camera performance in a reasonable way. Canon let me spend 8 hours on the phone badgering their top US technical guys with questions and offered to send me a 1DX to analyze in the future. Nikon let me talk with their tech guys for around 4 hours.

When I read this forum on the other hand I am met with impossibly ignorant replies by complete trolls who seem to have made it their job to personally attack everything.


Rubbish. If you are resizing the files to match the D800 resolution, then the resolution values should be identical.

No. During raw conversion the sharpening is applied to the original resolution not to the rendered resolution. Otherwise files would look completely different depending on what resolutions you rendered them at. This kind of garbage is very insulting and ignorant along with every other word in your post and several other posts.

I have no interest in dealing with this sort of negative behavior.

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