OMD now on DPreview's studio scene comparison

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Timur Born
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Re: OMD now on DPreview's studio scene comparison

Timur Born wrote:

+0.66 EV (time) - 0.6 EV (gain) + 0.85 EV (manual compensation) = about 0.8 EV difference in studio light levels

This should read "0.9" EV.

Now if you assume that my 0.6 EV value is not very exact and might just as well be 0.66 EV then you end up at exactly the 0.85 EV calculated.

0.66 EV (time) - 0.66 EV (analog gain) - 0.85 EV (light level) + 0.85 EV (manual compensation) = 0 EV difference.


0.66 EV (time) - 0.85 EV (light level) = -0.19 EV (disadvantage) in total light exposure for the E-M5 vs. GH2

It's all a bit confused and half-baked, but that's my current interpretation.

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