What is the most optimum photo size for an iPad2?

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Re: What is the most optimum photo size for an iPad2?

Note that, as I've already pointed out, iTunes will add the uncompressed thumbnail to every single photo, boosting their size with at least 500 kbytes.

This is why I HEAVILY recommend third-party apps to save a lot of storage.

Najinsky wrote:

An image with the largest side of 1024 pixels will usually compress to around 150KB while retaining good/reasonable quality. This is an average, some will be less, others more.

This gives about 7 images per megabyte or 7,000 images per GB. If you allow 1GB for the OS and Apps (assuming it's used only for photo viewing) then:

16GB iPad = 105,000 Images
32GB iPad = 217,000 Images
64GB iPad = 427,000 Images

If you 'double' the resolution in both dimensions to 2048 x 1536, you are quadrupling it so you should divide the above figures by 4.

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