5D3 vs D800 - A Technical Analysis (UPDATED & EXTENDED) - With Samples

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Legion5 wrote:

Listen, I've extensively consulted with professors at Cambridge University, staff at DxOMark and imaging-resource and and Canon and Nikon's own technical guys on the facts I have presented.

If that were true, then surely the data produced by DXO would reflect your own findings, which in turn would suggest you would have no dispute with their conclusions.

The information I have here deserves as much respect as what you would find from the most trusted and top sources out there.

Sorry, but you are seriosly delusional. The trusted sources are trusted for a reason - they are credible and they present technical findings without messing with the data. They don't decide what the data should look like before presentign theri findings. IR would be met with the same scorn and ridicule you have experienced if they were to arbitrarily apply "real word" NR and sharpening to their test images.

Most importantly, their findings are consistent and repeatable - unlike yours.

Your findings are nothing short of farcical. You presented results that are not only unrepetable by everyone who has conducted the same test for themselves, but have been contradicted by everyone who has done so.

If the information you presented deserved respect, you wouldn't be demanding it.

Your information represents sloppy arguments, highly questionable methodocolgy and flawed logic. Your first thread claimed to be a technical analysis, which turned out to be anything but technical. Your follow up argument was then eviscerated by Slideshowbob.

Having been heavily criticized for manipulatuing the data, you them chose to take the image manipulation to a whole new level in a thread you claimed to be "scientific".

When I speak to experts I receive polite and very well informed discussions that are genuinely useful along with extremely nice treatment

That's truly mind boggling, because even among Canon shooters (who one woudl expect would be pleased with your findings), your posts are the object of contempt and ridicule. The few that respond favourably to your posts are hard core Canon fanboys who are hungry to lap up any morsel of information (true or false) that presents their beloved camera as superior to the Nikon.

When I read this forum on the other hand I am met with impossibly ignorant replies by complete trolls who seem to have made it their job to personally attack everything.

If you feel so hard done by, why are you wasting your precious and valuable time posting to such an ignorant audience? Wouldn't your time be better spent speaking to "experts" and the R&D teams at Canon and Nikon, or testing the 1DX?

No. During raw conversion the sharpening is applied to the original resolution not to the rendered resolution.

But the file you are upscaling is performed on the rendered resolution is it not?

This kind of garbage is very insulting and ignorant along with every other word in your post and several other posts.

I am pretty sure many partiicpants on this forum find the intellectual dishonesty and conflation in your threas an insult to their intelligence.

I have no interest in dealing with this sort of negative behavior.

Then stop trolling.

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