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Re: Working color space

gollywop wrote:

10sj03 wrote:

I think I am missing a basic concept on working color space. If I am editing my photos on a computer monitor that can only support sRBG, is there any advantage of selecting ProPhoto or even Adobe RGB as working color space? If I cannot see the difference on the monitor except using larger color space does not show clipping on color channels, what do I gain by using a larger working color space?

It depends on what you want to do with finished image.

Quite, and I agree that if you know your only use for the image is to put it on the web, then you might as well do everything in sRGB, as gollywop says.

Using a larger working space keeps your options open. Lightroom, for example, always uses ProPhoto RGB as its working space for that reason; you don't get a choice.

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