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10sj03 wrote:

I think I am missing a basic concept on working color space. If I am editing my photos on a computer monitor that can only support sRBG, is there any advantage of selecting ProPhoto or even Adobe RGB as working color space? If I cannot see the difference on the monitor except using larger color space does not show clipping on color channels, what do I gain by using a larger working color space?

It depends on what you want to do with finished image. If it is going to an Inkjet printer, that likely has a color space larger than sRGB. In which case you gain if you are processing a raw file in 16 bits because it gives you greater latitude with which to make tonal and color adjustments to your image.

If you are shooting and processing a jpeg, however, this is considerably less of a consideration, and you're likely just fine staying in sRGB or Adobe RGB at the most -- but the latter only if you've got your camera's color space set to Adobe RGB as well. If the camera color space is at sRGB, you'll never regain the broader colors present in Adobe RGB.

If you're processing for the web, there is a good case to be made for keeping with sRGB all the way through. It is often quite problematic crunching the broader spaces down into sRGB as must be done as a final step in processing for the web.

Thanks for your reply. I think I follow your logics and they make sense. When I attended a photography class a while ago, the instructor recommended us to set camera to Adobe RBG and shoot raw. He also said to set Lightroom working color space to ProPhoto. His views are to set to the largest color space available.

My question is if my monitor can only display sRBG, would it be the limiting factor because I won't be able to edit what I can't see on screen due to the limited sRGB space?

As to what I want to do with finish image - both print by lab and for the web. For the web I change it to sRGB as a final step.


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