Txs God I didn't buy a NIKON!

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Re: Txs God I didn't buy a NIKON!

At least you did your homework Agusto, i have and always loved Canon, i would choose a canon over Nikon anyday. Im sure your arsenal of good gear will serve you well. Have you seen the new olympus looks an excellent Hybrid machine

aaanouel wrote:

It had happened to me a year ago, when I fell in love with Nikon P-500 . Fortunately I realized that it was just a hook for silly wealthy consumers, not even good for photo amateurs. Without entering in tech details, its advertising info and specs were incomplete and misleading, and not even a single image of the Master Piece Add Video was made with a P500: Of course!: P500 couldn't do any of the showed features in a flawless way. Marketing Ethics? well, thanks!. That was my first Nikon consumer product disappointment.

NOW, for complementing my photo gear, I'm looking for a bigger sized sensor camera for better resolution and IQ, something like a NEX-7, but cheaper.

So in my search I got to the new NIKON D3200   and at first sight it seemed to be "Just Splendid" : 24Mp, 23.2 x 15.4 mm CMOS sensor, a beautiful design for just $700, great!... but digging a little more about it, it just happened to me again:

Fixed LCD. Reprobated!
MonoMicrophone. Reprobated! (StereoMic: Optional add-on).
GPS: NA. Reprobated! (Optional add-on).

So I didn't want to know anymore about how many other lacks it has and discarded it automatically: Just the same Nikon consumer product disappointment.

Thanks God I purchased a Sony HX100V, not a Nikon.

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