has NX200 MF assist like ricoh Snap focus?

Started Apr 26, 2012 | Discussions thread
snake_b Veteran Member • Posts: 4,680
Re: has NX200 MF assist like ricoh Snap focus?

First, that's not focus assist. However, if there is manual focusing on the NX200 (yes, there is), you will need to estimate by eye, set focus on an object at that distance, then leave it there. I do it with my EX1 and that's it, although Ricoh's feature would be welcome. It's unique to them, however, and Ricoh is a fairly special company, even for their lowly CX series, which has some serious features.

ZZ9 wrote:

there is some funcion in NX200 similar to snap focus in ricoh when you can select the focus distance and so avoid any lag

or anyway there is on display some scale that show you at wich distance are you focusing?

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