About to buy my first DSLR camera, but which one?

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Re: About to buy my first DSLR camera, but which one?

As a newb myself, I bought a D3100 then proceeded to go through the whole post-purchase analysis/regret, in terms of "should have I bought a better body?" I can now say that 1 year later, the one attribute of the 5100 I wish my 3100 had more than any other is the low light, high iso performance. Adding a stop or to to the average shutter speed can make a real difference in certain situations. It is not a huge difference, but every little bit counts.

So my advice is to look carefully at the sample images and see how the 3200 stacks up in the higher iso shots. Unless of course you always intend to shoot outdoors when the sun is shining.

Good luck, and remember to budget for lenses!

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