How many things did I do wrong? 120 pictures not in focus! E-M5

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How many things did I do wrong? 120 pictures not in focus! E-M5

Last night my friend came over with his remote control helicopter

He wanted pictures at night indoors in the living room with the helicopter next to him, flying

He spent about 10 minutes flying

I took 120 pictures

60 with flash and about 60 with no flash

At first without flash I noticed that the camera on P, no face priority (the rest standard factory settings) was choosing ISO 1600 and 3200 and that the f stop was 1.4 on the 25mm Pana. I got concerned caused I saw either him or the nearby helicopter were in focus but not both. So I set the f to 7 with A mode. But then the shutter speed went to 1/2 and 1/4 and pictures were blurry.

I announced that I needed a flash. I put the mode on P again. I got my Olympus 300 flash, and took some 60 pictures that to me looked good on the LCD. I did notice some softness but decided not to worry...perhaps action photos are not s sharp I thought, but they looked good enough. Interestingly I would take the picture, see on the LCD a dark preview for 1/4 second, then magically would lighten and produce very nice jpegs shown on the LCD. I went through the pictures and thought they looked good.

I got an email later saying no pictures were in focus at all.

And I had given him the SD card cause I did not need 120 pictures of him.

So now I don't know what they look like. However the guy is an engineer, flies electric and gas helicopters, he is technically proficient. He likes his 3 ounce Sony P&S cameras and takes pretty good pictures with them. He even takes panoramics and tripod restaurant pictures indoors.

Aside from those 120 pictures I have been very happy with the E-M5 Pana 25mm combo. I thought I had it down. Perfect focus every time.

Maybe I left the setting on A and f7. I don't think so. I'm pretty sure it was on P. Maybe the Oly 300 flash is not a great match with the E-M5 yet. I bounced it. I asked to see some of the pictures. I don't have any!

I'll post here some that I thought were in perfect focus.

The helicopter was flying all over. I focused on the middle, between him and the helicopter, perhaps the focus was then on the wall 12 feet behind. Usually he would be 3 or 4 feet away from the helicopter. I was 12 feet away. I think that might be what happened. I am very embarrased thank God I did not brag last night about the E-M5.

Should I have put the f stop on 7 or 11 with the flash to focus the whole room?

Any ideas?

These are the usual great results I get with the E-M5 and 25mm all the time.

This situation might be similar to taking pictures of two friends that stand apart in a play and the picture should be of both.

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