XZ-1 Lock-and-Recompose shooting

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Michael Meissner
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Re: XZ-1 Lock-and-Recompose shooting

Jonathan Ragle wrote:

After months of struggling with the camera's inability to lock exposure and recompose, I want to post my newly discovered solution: simultaneous AE-Lock/AF-Lock can be achieved by half-pressing the shutter button while in spot-metering mode.

While it would be ideal to control auto-exposure and auto-focus independently, I reserve such stringent requirements for DSLRs, 645s, and my Fuji X100.

The important point here is that it is in fact possible to use a 'lock and recompose' method with the XZ-1. To do so, I combine spot-metering and the TR (Focus Tracking).

This great little camera is now vastly more compatible with my old shooting habits.

I don't have an XZ-1, but since I got m E-3, I stopped doing lock focus and recompose, and instead go into single focus point mode, and select the focus point that would allow me to compose the picture that I want. I see the XZ-1 has the same feature (page 37). I tend to feel it gives me more control. I can shoot faster at the decisive moment, and it is especially helpful when the camera is on a tripod, where you might not want to change where the camera is pointing.

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