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Reilly Diefenbach wrote:

As always when dynamic range is stretched to the limit, a great deal of noise is brought up along with the shadows as we can see in image 2 which would have been much cleaner with two or three exposures, let alone the 4 to 9 takes required to stuff all the range into a seriously high range shot. Lightroom is great, but it will not soon replace multi exposure HDR for the really tough ones, e.g. sunrise and sunset.

I have to agree with this... HDR almost by definition is about capturing scenes that exceed the dynamic range that can be captured in one shot. I use LR4 and love its ability to re-map the tone curve, but it does not repeal the laws of physics that apply to the camera's sensor. There was noise lurking in the darks of your image e.g. the black leather chair in the foreground, and when you lifted them up the noise too was lifted into promenence... well, at least into visibility. I don't think the noise spoiled the effect you were going for and overall I like the shot (subject to the quibble mentioned above about unnatural lack of contrast between inside and outside light)... but it would technically be a better photo if it was assembled from two or three raw exposures.

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