New D600 FX This Summer

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Re: New D600 FX This Summer

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Navmark77 wrote:

If that is the case, then I'd have to say Nikon will have lost their way. When Nikon was king of the 35mm SLR, that class of camera was collectively known as "compact" cameras to differentiate from the big clumsy medium and larger format boxes. Despite the comparative sensor sizes, I believe that the DX's are the closest thing to a descendant of the 35mm SLR. The FX bodies are closer in size to the medium format SLR's of 20 years ago.

I'll give you my F3HP with the motordrive and tell me how compact it is. It even had the blazing 4fps so I could shoot sports with it...

Did you get a third-party motor for yours Herby? Because my Nikon MD-4 was 5.5 fps with AA batteries or 6 fps with the NiCad battery pack.
Sorry about that

That's okay...been many years since I used it I've forgotten a lot more than fps since then, but never did use the NiCad pack with it. I just get a little tweaked when I hear how this camera or that one is useless for sports when it can't do 10 or 11 fps

While the specifics may be askew, Navmark's comment does fit with the general trend of photography to use smaller formats with successive generations. DX sensor cameras have become more ubiquitous than 35mm film SLRs ever were, and are now producing superior results.

Medium format, which was the standard for commercial professionals in the 70s-90s, is all but dead.

It's amazing how cheap you can find them for these days.

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