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peevee1 wrote:

I do. Sounds much more plausible than a totally different sensor which just randomly appeared to have the same exact size and resolution as Panasonic's released just a little bit earlier. From a company having no chip manufacturing of its own, and in financial troubles.

Randomly? Of course it has the same size - it's a Four Thirds sensor. And maybe they think 16 Mp is just about right for a sensor of that size.

Also, the E-M5 sensor has more photo detectors than the G3/GX1 sensor. You shouldn't get hung up on the effective pixel count, since that may differ even between cameras with the same sensor.

Finally, no one claims that Olympus manufactures the sensor, or that they (alone) financed its development. In fact, Olympus have stated that the sensor was offered to them. This could very well mean that it is a Panasonic sensor, but that doesn't necessarily entail that it is the same sensor as the "old" 16 Mp one.

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