Selective colour - what do you think? D-lux4 shot

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Re: Selective colour - what do you think? D-lux4 shot

jellotwice wrote:

I own a Delux 4. I guess I didn't read the manual. What is selective color?

Don't worry - me neither! Selective colour is when you convert a shot to black and white and then re-introduce some colour into the shot for effect/emphasis.
in this case, to show the shades of the sea, which i liked.

I love your photograph and most of those on your site.

I'm not a purist, I think a great photo is a great photo no matter how you get there.

Many thanks for your kind comments and taking the time to look at my site! The d-lux4 is a superb little camera - i cannot see myself ever parting with it.

all the best,

Carpe diem, or Seize the day.. ...with a photo or two - there's no better way.

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