Lighthouse from last weekend

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Re: if you don't mind...

Do i mind - no i'm flattered you spent the time on this - thanks for showing me what you meant...

lemon_juice wrote:

This is more what I had in mind:

But like you said - it all depends on personal taste.

What I find interesting is that normally I would prefer the foreground rocks to be out of focus so that they don't distract me away from the view. But when they are in focus like this I have an impression as if I'm standing right there on these rocks and feeling their wet surface and the air!

Believe me -I felt their wet surface (my feet were soaked through) and the moisture in the air - I had to keep cleaning the lens I was getting worried for the camera too, with all the spray flying around.

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Thanks Michal - I really like your version too and will try that going forward!

Carpe diem, or Seize the day.. ...with a photo or two - there's no better way.

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