Fred Miranda comparison confirms DXO results. 5D III blown away.

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Re: Idiots Beware!

carlk wrote:

Press Correspondent wrote:

rwbaron wrote:

Press Correspondent wrote:

stephenmelvin wrote:

That may be the dumbest thing I've ever seen posted here on DP Review.

Thank God we have some Einsteins on this forum to tell us how dumb those are who have a different opinion. Never mind being rude and unsocial, it is a mark of a genius

What did you find about carlk's statement that was reasonable? If someone says black is white would you not call them on it?


If people are wrong, I would call them incorrect, not "dumb". A personal offense has no place on a photography forum.

Unfortunately this happens so often here now. Don't like the message or can't argue with it? Just shoot the messenger. That will make you feel better.

I didn't call you "dumb." I said you said a dumb thing. There's a difference.

I just thought that your blanket statement that photographers should always shoot at the lowest possible ISO was completely inaccurate. There are lots of reasons for shooting at higher ISO that have nothing to do with, "we have no other choice than to put up with this low quality." These days, the quality is very high indeed; a fact you don't seem to want to acknowledge.

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