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Re: exif info

Lets just say the selective colour didn't quite make it into my top 10.

Well anyone who liked your first shot should be blown away by these, or at least the first one. Great explosive feel, your timing looks spot on. If only the framing were that bit wider so that the base and left side were more in frame - the crop is taking too much away.

Processing - very difficult one. The current mood is good - the feeling of a bright windy day comes across very well. Do anything drastic and you risk losing that. If the shot were full of crashing wave, then you could be as bold as you like, but here the context of the lighthouse is way too important. Getting a bit of local contrast into the wave would be easy on a duplicate layer in photoshop, then subtly masked in - or an adjustment layer though I don't like using those. Too much contrast and it will be out of step with the rest of the image.

Your processing appears a bit crude, there seem to be areas of overlap in contrast regions. That's OK while keeping things subtle, but go for higher contrast and steps will start to jump out. If you are using layers and masks, then use larger softer brushes to create masks and build them up gradually.

The second one is obviously nowhere near as dramatic. But what is does show is the benefit of holding the full cloud in shot. The picture feels so much more complete than your earlier post.

Thanks for the comments on my site. I can't remember if I have any Jersey pics on there, though there will be some on my blog site. I spent a few weeks on the island last year, though most of the time I was hard at work so didn't manage to do much photography. I really like the Lido at St Helier and ended up there rather a lot or just taking night shots on my walk back across the square in front of the Royal Yacht to my hotel (rather nice at the Pomme D'or this time!) - though I wish I'd had chance to see more of the island. I had a morning shoot out at Corbier, but it was also a very windy day yet I insisted on trying a 6 min exposure. Totally useless.

Some of my Jersey pics on flickr:

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