Sony Nex 7 or Canon 60d

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Re: Sony Nex 7 or Canon 60d

ROmihai wrote:

Well I owned both a nex5 and canon550D. I remained with the nex due to the size and weight and because I feel happy with the results, I don't look like a pro ...I don't care....because I am not a pro :). I was right in your shoes an I can tell you for sure that for trips nex is perfect.

The best solution is to have both, I didn't afford this so I had to make a decision and I did, based on my personal needs. But what I found out is that with the nex system I shot 2X more photos that with the canon system in basically the same period (which by the way is much lower than what I take with my iPhone which sits on the first place by far...)

Take the size factor, financial, and asses everything to your needs, if you take 10 pics from 6K where you can see the difference between a DSLR and nex I personally don't think is worth having a DSLR.

Hope this helps ,

i must say i agree that MF is fun. i never quite understood, as new as i am to photography, why people were so passionate about manual settings yet focusing was all about the camera. all it takes is one look at the hundreds of threads here about focus problems ie back focusing, and u will know MF can produce sharper images. enter focus peeking. i have an a33 which doesnt have this but id love it as i prefer manual. the only time i dont is when im following my little one or my dog and its too hard to keep up. i do a lot of landscape and a lot of nightime static shots, mostly just for play and to experiment for now. but peeking would help me a whole lot. would u happen to know, or anybody , which brands or models have focus peeking as a feature? im assuming most of the new sony, and im pretty sure the k-01 does as well. im leaning towards the a57 at this point as it has some nifty features including peeking, and its video can go wayyyy up to 16k iso, important for a night owl like me. all info is welcome thx.

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