New D600 FX This Summer

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Re: New D600 FX This Summer

Navmark77 wrote:

String wrote:

Actually I disagree.

I think you are going to see the high end DSLR market adopt full frame completely and the mid market serviced by the crop sensor.

The majority on this site are enthusiasts however we are but a small minority of the folks buying DSLR's. The mom and pops buying them are not buying the expensive glass, they are buying kit lenses and for them, something like the 16-85VR is an expensive lens. It doesn't make financial sense to produce both DX and FX versions of the 2.8 glass, especially now that they also have to make glass for the mirrorless bodies.

So, the logical step is to keep the D7000 (and its successors) as the "top-end" DX offering because its still a pretty expensive body for the targeted market and move the bodies above that to FX. "We" are the ones lusting/buying the 2.8 zooms, the 1.4 primes, not the moms and pops.

Perhaps this new D600 is the re-incarnation of the mythical Nikon F that everyone has been pleading for a camera company to make? If it is (or even comes close), the wait lists for the D800 will be nothing compared to whats going to happen.

Who wouldnt love to see a rugged, smaller FX body with a decent frame rate/metering/focus system thats stripped of all the video, GPS, WiFi, HDMI, etc. and come in around the $2k mark? I would suspect it would be a runaway best seller... but then again, I work in IT, not marketing

If that is the case, then I'd have to say Nikon will have lost their way. When Nikon was king of the 35mm SLR, that class of camera was collectively known as "compact" cameras to differentiate from the big clumsy medium and larger format boxes. Despite the comparative sensor sizes, I believe that the DX's are the closest thing to a descendant of the 35mm SLR. The FX bodies are closer in size to the medium format SLR's of 20 years ago.

Have you ever picked up an F4, F5 or for that matter an F100. None of those cameras could be called "compact" Don't get me wrong, I have a D300 and I really want a D400 in DX but sensor size does not have a lot to do with the size of DSLR's.


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