EF-S 10-22 or EF 17-40 F4L considering recently bought 5dMK2 & have 60D.

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Re: Very easy decision

mjoshi wrote:

I'm inclining towards 17-40 because of two reasons,

1) it works on both bodies and on 5DII it effectively gives me similar range as 10-22 on my 60D.

2) I'm getting it for really cheap compared to market price, something less than $500.

The only reason I'll sell 17-40 and keep 10-22 would be if 17-40 is not as sharp as 10-22. My 10-22 is okay lens, not something I'd call sharpest in my lens collection.

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No problem. The 10-22 is a nice lens, but it is overpriced for what you get. It only works on crop, and the build quality is very "meh", too. Also, I don't find it all that sharp. I have a Sigma 10-20 instead for UWA on 1.6x.

When you handle the 17-40 next to the 10-22, you'll understand.

Make sure you micro adjust the 17-40 before you run your comparison. I highly recommend the live view method of micro focus adjust (scroll to the last method at the bottom):


I find the 17-40 to have better sharpness and colors. Be aware that you may have to focus adjust it with the 5D II.

I recently had a 5D II with my 17-40 and the combo offered amazing image quality (better than my 24-105 on the 5D II). But at this point I may pick up a D800E for landscapes. I haven't decided yet, but the DR advantage at low ISO with the D800 is enormous.

The 17-40 is a fine lens, a tool that can be trusted for a long time. I doubt I'll ever get rid of mine as it has wicked colors with a CP, is weather-sealed, and inspires confidence when in use.

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