5D MK3 with Eye-Fi card

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Re: 5D MK3 with Eye-Fi card

This workflow is very efficient. In a nutshell

a) Buy Eye-Fi X2 Pro (w/ RAW Support)
b) Insert Eye-Fi card into PC
c) Install Eye-Fi center on pc and log-in on your pc using eye-fi account
d) Install Eye-Fi app on ipad and log-in with same eye-fi account

c) In the PC running eye-fi center, click your eye-fi card on the left and select the tab Direct Mode on the right and start Wireless Connection

d) Using the provided wpa key, turn on your ipad and join wifi connection (look for the card's ad-hoc network id)
e) Once the ipad is connected, it will remember this network

f) On the ipad, inside the eye-fi app, I choose the eye-fi card that's added to my account now and select upload to ipad

g) done!.. If you didn't get a 3g ipad/ipad2 or lte ipad3, you will also start cursing at this point because you can no longer browse the internet since the wifi will have been taken over by the eye-fi card.

I then send small jpegs to the eye-fi card and it gets transferred to the ipad automatically. I've been shooting this way for such a long time, I'm really going to miss the sd slot on the 1dx. Fortunately, my 5d3s now have this facility

Rod73 wrote:

I recently picked up a 5dm3 and I already owned an eyefi card. IMO this is one of the most overlooked features of this camera. Eyefi cards are fully supported and with the dual card options you can setup a very robust workflow. Mine is setup to write fullsize raw to the cf card and write small jpeg to the eyefi, which in turn is configured to upload to an ipad. Pics take about 6 seconds to show up on the ipad.

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