Exposure is much more than histograms

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Re: Exposure is much more than histograms

olyflyer wrote:

chimphappyhour wrote:

Exactly! I think the newer ranks of photographers getting into this (and there's a lot of them here at dpreview)

There is no "newer ranks of photographers ", that's just nonsense. You really think photography as form of art has been invented in this century? Photography as art form is not new and actually there have always been different forms of it. Look at André Kertész, Man Ray, HCB or Capa. They are just some of the well known "old timers", none of them followed any technical perfection.

Have a look here:


...and imagine that even they could have created technically much better images, yet they did not because they were the "newer ranks of photographers".

What changed since then is that now we don't use film any more (well, most of us) and that everyone has a camera of some sort and every badly exposed, out of focus image is called "art", which is of course nonsense. The "newer ranks of photographers" on DPR you are talking about are very far from anything new, they are just people with cameras but not great photographers.

Wow! You might want to reread what I wrote before going off.

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