Problem With New DPP (3.11.26)

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Re: Problem With New DPP (3.11.26)

Victor Engel wrote:

EdKiefer wrote:

Jeff Pitman wrote:

There seems to be a problem with the new version of DPP. When you select "Start HDR" function a window pops up with the option to select three images. After you select the images there is suppose to be a button in that window (according to the instruction manual) that starts the HDR process. That button (at least on my computer) is not there. I have downloaded versions from Canada and Singapore and they are the same.

Works here on XP . DO you happen to have windows display set to above normal DPI 96 size (120 DPI size) that maybe a issue some software hides buttons if you don't use default 96 DPI .

That would be a major issue for photo software, it seems to me. I bet a lot of photographers have high density displays where the appropriate DPI setting is the higher one. If this is, indeed, the problem, I think Canon needs to update their code to accommodate.

I would say you hit it on the money,

After I reduced my screen back to 96DPI and got the buttons viewable I went back to 120DPI and the buttons were still viewable so it works for me but was an aggravation....

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