GRD4 vs FUJI X10 - JPG

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Re: GRD4 vs FUJI X10 - JPG

Hi Bart. First, when it comes to buildquality and solid feel I think the grd4 is fantastic, better than the x10 but I would not go so far to say the x10 feels plastic, it to have a very solid feel, made of metal as it is. I found them both being superbebly built but to me this is not so importent, I only go for best IQ in a compact format.

About the jpgs, I compared the photos on my computer. I would say that fuji lifts the colors a little bit (me using Astia film mode) and the Ricoh flattening the colors, I have tried to alter everything - contrast, whitebalance, whitebalance compansation, sharpness, vividness --- nothing helps , this Ricoh camera is useless for Colorjpgs. What makes me so surprised is that none of all the reviews I red about the grd4 made any comments about the jpgs being dull. Not a single one. To me its unbelieveble since the difference to other premium compacts are so huge.

But the buildquality, the handling and the feel of the grd4 is beyond competition, divine.

I have compared the color jpgs from both Fuji x10, olympus xz1 and the grd4. The fujis photos are just magic, its hard to describe for me what it is, lets say they looks as if they where shot with a big SLR. The dynamic , contrast etc is just perfect. I am very impressed by the results from it. Give it a try, even steve huff prefer the IQ from the x10 from the grd4.


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