K01 AF/Speed measured by IR

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Re: K01 AF/Speed measured by IR

K-01 inherits K-5 sensor, so high ISO ability is good etc.
But I think IR tests are still valuable to compare NEX 5N with k-01

We can argue that K-01 has more lenses etc but in the most commonly used lenses like 18-55 zoom or 30mm primes, if K-01 lags behind other compact cameras, it is a real concern

A camera has three important qualities - Ergonomics, IQ and Speed that does not get in the way

It looks like K-01 is very good on first 2 points and okay on the third point. It will be great if K-01 excels in that area too thats where it might be limited by screw mount lenses

Olympus and panasonic first gen CSC were also slow but eventually got better. Since Pentax is starting later than them, the expectations are that atleast they match competitors, we can argue that high IQ trumps everything but then there were times (K10D eg) where we had great cameras in terms of usability but let down by slightly inferior jpeg

Then we keep saying we are not pixer peepers now we have other cameras excelling Pentax in AF speed, usability and we are saying look at our images and pixel peep we are the best etc

Lets accept that Pentax k-01 lags behind others in some areas while ahead of others in some areas and hold Pentax accountable to improve them... I think they will listen. Look at evolution from K10D to K-5, Pentax did improve all around
hopefully they will improve AF speed also

Reviewers need to point out shortcomings

It will be nice if they can maintain objective tones but they are also humans and if they dont like design, it is very hard for them not to exaggerate things they dont
like, lets us not get peeved by that

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