How serious is the slow focus of X-Pro1 affecting purchase decision?

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Re: How serious is the slow focus of X-Pro1 affecting purchase decision?


Wow, that is wide! A bit too wide for me, as it's very hard to control distortion, and not a big fan of fisheyes at this point (thanks to the meme gods for oversaturating us with them!). I tried the 11-16 and it was lovely as well. I think I could live with a GOOD 12, but if they manage to make something relatively flat at a wider FL, id be very interested. Esp if they could get down to f/2.something. I bet the 14 will be quite lovely and prob a very nice walk around length for me.

I have used the 15 CV II on both film (Minolta CLE) and digi (XP1 + Kipon adapter) and I preferred it much more on film. I generally wasn't that impressed though. I expected a more unique color characteristic and better edge distortion/CA. On the XP1, at least with the Kipon, it was not very good at all. Esp at infinity and far subjects. Up close, it could be pretty sharp, bur CA and flaring were awful with the XP1, and edge sharpness was inconsistent-to-bad. All of this, IMO. The consensus is that it had the same UWA issues on the XP1 that similar lenses do on the NEX-7, and thus probably sensor/mount related and not easily or impossible to correct in software. Again, that my have been the adapter, but those issues are with the NEX-7 regardless of adapter, so i presume the same will be with the XP1. Some who've used longer FL's with the Kipon have had much much better results. But they are lovely and tiny, and a pleasure to use. Just like with those Pentax Limited lenses.

Starting with the 35 is good. It just performs so well, and is fairly versatile. The 18 really is great, but I understand about it not being the right FL, and if you're just gonna get the 14 anyway, why bother. If the 85 is as good (or better) than the 60, i'd have gotten it no question. As fantastic as the 60 is for portrait/macro, I think you'd do well to skip it and wait for a longer FL.

brudy wrote:

Yep, we're in agreement. I also think 18mm isn't that wide and that my 10-22 isn't wide enough. There's a sigma 8-16 that I'm dying to try. I've used 15 and 12mm on film and love that uwa view. I'll have the xpro by the time the 14mm comes out and will be all over that. If you've ever seen the voigtlander 15 and 12mm lenses, you'll see how freakin tiny they can get. Slow though, at 4.5 and 5.6 respectively. I'll probably skip the 18mm in preparation for the 144 and I like the 50mm for a city/street type lens so will start with that.

You're also probably right about the size of something longer. The canon 85/1.8 is very reasonably sized though (as far as Canon lenses go). I haven't seen the fuji 60 in real life yet, only the 35 and 18. Both are a nice portable size and feel light (in a good way). I hope the rest follow suit. I'm excited to get the xpro before my next big trip and can't wait to travel with it.

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