Fred Miranda comparison confirms DXO results. 5D III blown away.

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who's crippling what?

dmanthree wrote:

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not convinced about the decision to interpolate (and not describe how) the canon image to 36mp. That seems even less appropriate than downscaling the D800 down. Leaves you wondering how much of the difference is real versus the upscale.

Why would throwing information away from the bigger file to match the lower res camera be the better way?? By this method an 80mp medium format camera will only be 'marginally' more detailed than a 8mp 20D if you scaled it down.

You always scale the lower res camera up.

Nope, you scale the higher res camera down. It will still possess an advantage, since it starts with a lot more information.

That's how DXO does it for part of their test.

That's ridiculous. If you're comparing two sensors, why manipulate one or the other at all? Scaling down cripples the higher-res sensor, does it not? Why not just perform an absolute measurement and compare numbers (resolution, etc)?

Another person suggested scaling the Mk III's files up was the "correct" way to do this. Scaling up introduces artifacts and isn't a good way to compare the images from two cameras.

Scaling down gives the camera with the higher resolution a significant advantage, which is something it seems like most of the people replying to my comments are missing. It's not "crippling" the higher res sensor; it's helping it.

After all, this particular test isn't about sensor resolution; for that, naturally you'd show both at their native resolutions.

If that's how DxO compares things, their results don't mean a lot.

They've chosen a very good methodology for this test. That you don't see it says nothing about their results.

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