Will photography become a dead horse?

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Re: Will photography become a dead horse?

i have nothing against this process (video stills to be processed then printed)...

for a huge studio (fully staffed), they do have the budget for this... equipment and people...

for smaller studios... the BIGGEST question is, "WHY spend 3x or more times to produce same output, meaning (1) printout?"

as a full-time studio and business owner... there's just no way i will do this...

after shooting a wedding (photos), i make EVERY EFFORT to spend LESS time processing the images... and during the wedding i shoot less (less than 1,000 images)... selecting the very best moments...


SHOULD the client requires me to shoot video and clip the stills from the video... wow, that means i have to charge them x4 (or more) my regular rate!!

to me, this doesn't make sense at all...

Just a Photographer wrote:

Now Canon has introduced its 4K (8.8Megapixel videoframes) camera.
The question will be: How long before photography is a dead horse?

With this new 4K videocamera you will have 24 pictures each 8.8 megapixel large.
Each frame is therefore large enough to be used in a magazine or newspaper.

Also wedding photographers should fear this camera as each frame is also large enough to be used in a wedding album. 8 megapixels can easily be scaled towards 15x15inch.

Will this change the way we look at photography?

I think it will certainly have an impact on the way we will perceive photography in the future.

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