World's best photographer

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Re: World's best photographer

I agree with Adam.

I don't necessarily have an issue with a photo like this being taken. The issue is with how it is used. In the context of this thread, it's really a despicable use of a photo like this. No need to show the victim like this in an attempt to demonstrate how "great" a citizen is for helping out.

I don't know enough about the context of the photo to render an opinion if there is a good context that benefits from the use of the photo. But this isn't one. There has to be a good journalistic need that outweighs the hit to human dignity.

Again, I don't have so much an issue with a photographer making the split decision to take the photo. But, one has to use judgement in USING the photo. The OP in my opinion, used terrible judgement in deciding to use this photo for very little purpose. The message could have been conveyed that a photographer chose to get involved and help without posting this photo. It's all opinion, but my opinion is it is a very misguided use of such a photo.

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