I received my Really Right Stuff L bracket for the D800!

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Re: Got my Really Right Stuff L bracket for the D4 today

GMack wrote:

Valentin Hertz wrote:

... is it really worth to get a L plate instead of regular? Seems so much more bulkier..

Get the L-plate. Keeps the unit's weight centered over the middle of the tripod rather than going to one side which also accounts for creeping if it is heavy and off to the side. Worse is the possibility of it tipping over if the legs aren't fully extended, etc. while hanging off to the side. If you have large hands, it gives you something to grab onto as well.

Here's my BH-55 with the heavy 14-24mm. I set the smaller drag knob set so I can push the thing into position rather than constantly tightening and loosening the large knob and moving it. The larger head allows you to use a gimbal head too later down the road too.

Or one of those home-made barn-door contraptions the astro-photographers use like this thing:


Wow I tell you after seeing your D7000 (also have it) on that BH55, teh ball head doesn't seem too big. I'm leaning towards BH55 now for a more balanced set up (with D800)

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