Quick Question about Switching from DSLR to M43

Started Apr 2, 2012 | Discussions thread
OP amehzin New Member • Posts: 18
I think I may go with an E-P3 instead.

Finally sold my camera but not at the price I expected to sell it so I may have to 'settle' with an E-P3 instead. I wouldn't truly call it settling because the E-P3 is a perfectly capable camera and it has plenty of pro's compared to my D5000.

The reason why I'm doing it is not because I think the E-M5 isn't a good camera. In fact, it is a great camera from everything I've seen. It really just boiled down to the amount of money I actually have at the moment.

Sure, I could wait for the price to go down but if I do, the price for my D5000 will surely go down as well (esp. with D3200 coming out recently). I could also sell now and buy later but then I'd be without a camera for a fair amount of time (including a couple of family events and my upcoming Singapore trip).

Thank you for all your inputs. They were really helpful in making this decision.

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