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Re: DSLR's are going the way of the dodo bird...extinct

Amen! For the past several years the people that buy and trusted Canon have been screaming 'Wake UP' and look at where the market is going and what your customers want. But they have plowed ahead 'knowing better' and making minor tweaks to their systems to stretch their profits.

The waiting is over! Not because Canon has finally listened. But because Canon users that have invested $1000's in their systems will not go extinct with them but will move on to the companies that 'innovate'.

Once upon a time Canon was the leader in innovation. But they have chosen to rest on their past success knowing better than the rest of us what we want...

No more! Olympus got it right this time and as long as they refuse to relax they will continue to get it right and will win market share.

Remember Microsoft and Apple? Once upon a time Apple's future looked bleak and Microsoft looked invincible. The difference? Innovation. Making products people want and that do what they are supposed to... Don't forget that Apple. Learn something from this 'Mr. Canon'... Once upon a time the military used 'Cannons' in their battles... How many use them know...

So the story goes on... Who will become the next 'once upon a time'?

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