E-M5 firmware bugs, report them here

Started Apr 23, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Update April 26

1: Camera sometimes locks up when reviewing image in the EVF
-reported to Olympus
-may not be a bug but my camera only?

2: No IS when shooting a video using legacy lenses
-reported to Olympus

3: Built In EVF Grid no effect in Style 3
-reported to Olympus

4: OIS not used for stills exposures (with some µ4/3 lenses)
-reported to Olympus

5: No Auto replay on LCD if moving the camera...
-reported to Olympus

6: EVF auto-switch takes you out of playback mode, & disrupts to...
-status unknown

Well, maybe that's it? Feel free to submit anything else you have found. If there is a bug annoying you beyond description please report it to Olympus making sure they hear it from more than a few users.

Remember a bug is something not working as it is supposed to work.There is a difference between finding a bug and coming up with an idea for firmware updates.

Thank you to all who contributed this far!


(you can mentally imagine OLED where I wrote LCD, OK?)

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