CS6 Upgrade Adobe are awkward

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Re: CS6 Upgrade Adobe are awkward

Some people have had no problem others have. This is from the Adobe Forums:

18. Feb 14, 2011 4:53 PM (in response to Jugemon76)
Re: Transfer License from PC to Mac

This thread was helpful as were a few other web pages I visited. I recently made the switch from PC to Mac. On my PC I was running CS4. I called Adobe Customer Service to asked about a cross-platform upgrade from PC CS4 to Mac CS5. No sweat. I got the upgrade for the standard upgrade price. They also told me that I could continue using CS4 on my PC. I did inquire about deactivating it and providing a letter that I would not use the old version. But they lady I talked with said that was no necessary and I was free to use the CS4 version on my PC and the CS5 on the Mac. So I'm a happy camper. Love the Mac. It took a little bit of getting use to the Mac version of Photoshop but not a whole lot. Just a few quirky differences.

It shouldn't matter if your running PS5 on a PC and PS6 on a Mac. I ran PS4 on one PC then built another one and bought the upgrade to PS5 and installed on the new PC. So I had PS4 running on one and PS5 on the other. That's no different than running one version on a PC and the upgrade on a Mac. When you call I would tell them you want to TRANSFER your license.

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