Canon vs Nikon RAW

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Re: Canon vs Nikon RAW

HumanTarget wrote:

Squilliam wrote:

Canon has been offering 14 bit RAW for years using .CR2 whilst Nikon, even on its recently announced D3200, still only offers 12 bit. Considering we normally pos-process using 16 bit, can anyone offer an explaination for this discrepency?

Sensor pixels essentially count photons. A sensor pixel's dynamic range is equal to the full well capacity divided by the read noise. If the dynamic range is under 4,096 (the full range of 12 bits), there's no benefit to saving a 14-bit RAW, you're just wasting space.

No matter how you spin it though, 14 bits allows capture of two extra stops of dynamic range compared to using 12 bits. That sounds useful to me, and it explains why the higher end Nikon bodies (D300 and above?) do provide 14 bit capture.

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