How serious is the slow focus of X-Pro1 affecting purchase decision?

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Re: If you want to shoot football, pogo dancing, or birds in flight...

Different aesthetics. The NEX is very hi-tech, almost futuristic. The PEN's are cool, but seem to be trying too hard on the design front. The OMD looks nice, but something about the shape of the VF hump throws it off. I wish it were more square, less witch hat. The Xpro is understated and has more of a classic look, with very little extra thrown in. Same with the x100 I think. Luckily there's something for everyone out there.

RealXenuis wrote:

Maybe more boring than perfect? While I can understand the form appeal to some, it doesn't seem to stand out in any particular way, does it? What about it made you choose it over, say, any of the Pens or an NEX, if not for the way it looks? Just curious b/c I don't get the appeal and would like to hear other perspectives

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