How serious is the slow focus of X-Pro1 affecting purchase decision?

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Re: How serious is the slow focus of X-Pro1 affecting purchase decision?

I own all 3 lenses and have used the camera for a while now in various settings and with the kipon adapter + Voigt 15mm II.

The AF, after the recent update, is perfectly fast using the 18mm. It wasn't "slow" before with that lens, but it's now quite fast and accurate.

AF is faster now with the 35 than before, but not as fast as say a 50 on a Nikon DSLR. However, it is more accurate than my 35 on the D7000 was. The XF 35 is not slow, but it's not as fast as prob most any DSLR + 35 or 50 in the last few yrs. However, I don't think it would hinder you greatly from shooting sports. I think ppl get caught up in here taking the very fastest performance and working backward to rate everything else, w/o regards to keeper ratio, etc. I've used the 35 in a moving car shooting moving subjects and they all came out in focus. Just set the shutter speed accordingly, like any other camera.

The 60 is slow. I've noticed no AF speed improvement with it. If you approach it as anything other than for it's intended use - portraiture and macro - then you'll be very disappointed in AF speed. But why would you, ya know? Having said that, it's got extremely good IQ (like the 35, and more so than the 18). I personally don't find it a very useful length though. It's much too short and slow to be a good action lens or to get good shots of anything far, and it's just not that much longer than the 35 for practical use. You could easily get away with just the 18 and/or 35.

The lens roadmap includes a couple of zooms with IS and at f/4, which with this sensor, should be plenty fast for action. I also expect that AF speed will improve at least slightly for the 18 and 35 with incremental updates. If you need blazing speed right this second, then you would perhaps not want this camera/lens combo at this time. But the 18 really is pretty fast right now, as is. Hope that helps

achanth wrote:

I am toying of purchasing this camera, among a number of shortlists...which includes Oly OMD em-5 and canon G1x> Please advise. Thanks.

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