How serious is the slow focus of X-Pro1 affecting purchase decision?

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Re: If you want to shoot football, pogo dancing, or birds in flight...

Maybe more boring than perfect? While I can understand the form appeal to some, it doesn't seem to stand out in any particular way, does it? What about it made you choose it over, say, any of the Pens or an NEX, if not for the way it looks? Just curious b/c I don't get the appeal and would like to hear other perspectives

Blue Swan Media wrote:

I haven't used the OM-D yet but have one on order. On paper it seems to be a better fit for just about everyone, myself included, but my XP1 has so far managed to stay un-returned despite several blown shots of fast moving kids.

Thing is, the XP1 is so damn sexy and challenging. . .it's like dating a really moody, high maintenance girl who's the hottest thing you've ever laid eyes on. Feeling like you've fought the camera and won every time you get a great shot - like you've passed some sort of challenge - is part of the fun. The OM-D seems so boringly perfect - who wants that LOL?

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