Switching from a 5D2 to D800 feels like getting out of jail

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Re: Switching from a 5D2 to D800 feels like getting out of jail

Goodbye lenses remembering film times...

I have a 5DII, just sold my D700 and ordered a D800. I'm a dual system user. If you trying to claim that Nikon lenses are better than Canon, you're a troll. BOTH systems have excellent lens choices.

For my needs Nikon has a higher number of "refreshed" or totally new lenses compared to Canon. That's what i was saying. Sure, Nikon doesn't have any alternative to the 70-200/4L for that matter. However please don't tell me you don't see that lenses like 28/1.8 or 50/1.8 or 50/1.4 or 85/1.8 are not totally up to digital sensors. They lack some coating or something - i don't care. I see haze and CA. 28/1.8 reminds me of the Nikon 20/2.8D in the corners. Even new lenses like the 24/1.4 II aren't better than Nikkor 24/1.4. And i spent 3.5 years using 24/1.4 v1 and it didn't really focus properly and it had CA up to the sweet spot. And don't get me started on the 50/1.2L. Such a nightmare and a totally boring lens, without character. And now Canon tells me to pay more for a 28/2.8 than Nikon wants for a 28/1.8 with nanocoating? Or 24-70/2.8 costing more than the Nikkor? Are they insane? Who cares they have a funny fisheye lens in the 8-15/4 if it costs an arm and a leg?

Having said that - i agree that Nikon has a myriad of legacy lenses that are not all that great, but you get what you pay for.

Btw, you know what's the most popular full frame lens among wedding photographers shooting Nikon in Poland? The DX marvel 35/1.8

Goodbye banding in low ISO shadows and high iso shots...

Yep, that is an issue for my 5DII.

Yep and that's sth that spoiled a few of my wedding shots. A few too many.

Goodbye poor autofocus where even the center AF spot doesn't work well...

With good technique the 5DII AF was okay. The 5DIII is world class at least as good as the D800 and maybe a bit better.

Good technique? What if it just refused to work properly? 50/1.2 was awful (only very close it was ok), 24/1.4 was off too and there was no way of capturing motion properly. It was miserable. Maybe my problem was that i had 1D, 1Ds and 1Ds2 before 5D2

Goodbye awful metering always making everything too dark...

Nope. You just needed to learn how to use a 5DII.

Man, please. EVERY SINGLE FILE FROM MY 5D2 had to be adjusted +0.5 to +1 EV. Maybe my body was faulty, because i never had that with the 1Ds2. 5D3 (i shot only about a 100 pix with that) had more or less the same issues. You see - in Canon you have to pay for a 1Dx to get RGB metering, sth that Nikon had for ages.

Goodbye narrow dynamic range and questionable color reproduction...

Crushed reds at times, but a pretty wonderful image much of the time. Narrow DR? C'mon, the 5DII has great DR or it wouldn't be such a popular wedding cam.

Srsly - D800 eats it alive. And it eats 5D3 too as far as DR/color is concerned. I knew that before the DxO tests. The next day i got my D800 i had to work in the studio and i was blown away how much better it was handling colour and dynamic range. These files really can take a beating. Come on man, NEX-5N has more DR than 5D2 Who are you kidding? DR was NOT the reason it was such a popular wedding cam. It was that it was full frame and had movies. Honestly, i still know people shooting old 5Ds just because the files lack banding and there are less AF issues.

I know folks who had huge investment in Canon glass, had 5D2, 1Ds3, 1D4 in their bags and they just sold it immediately when they saw what the D800 and D4 can do. The files are really THAT GOOD. And i already had some event assignments at a reception (not a wedding yet) and the difference in AF, metering (especially flash metering which always sucked in Canon - y'know "just use manual") and how much this sensor captures is mindblowing.

I'm not a troll, i just feel deliriously happy on the other side of the fence. I wish other people could be so happy too. Just take the jump.

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