Upgrading to E-M5 or Switch to Nikon D7000

Started Apr 21, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Upgrading to E-M5 or Switch to Nikon D7000

IMHO E510 is a good camera and i also know that it's been more than 5 years old, and with your lens you already have i think buying another is system is not worth it.. i just have my EM 5 today and i will not tell you a lie that the auto focus is not so fast when attach with my ZD 14-35mm through MMF 1, so why don't choose E5 it will give you the best of your ZD lens..
but i feel my EM 5 is really fast when using mZD 12-50mm..

i never have D7000 so i cannot give any comment, but as the rumor goes that EM 5 is not using the same sensor as Panasonic GH2 or the next GH3 (15.5 megapixel as rumor mentioned) and right now olympus is working on new sensor which can do Phase detection AF on the sensor itself.. it mean that our ZD lens AF will work as fast as on our 4/3 DSLR right now.. be patient


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