A few E-M5 shots low - med ISO

Started Apr 26, 2012 | Discussions thread
Joe Franek Senior Member • Posts: 1,315
Re: A few E-M5 shots low - med ISO

could you please confirm that these two shots were taken with the 12-60?

What do you thing about getting the E-M5 as a body for the ZD12-60 in the absence of a 'modern' DSLR? I always wanted that zoom.

Any chance of posting a picture of what the monster looks like?


djbrom wrote:

Focusing on the 12-60mm which was used for most shots here was really quite good. Some shots it didnt focus properly at all, though move the camera a bit to have mroe contrast in the focus area and it went well. Very usuable with the 12-60mm for non action shots and faster than the e-p1.

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