After using 5D III and Nikon D800

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Re: After using 5D III and Nikon D800

but now, I am debating if I return my D800E for the D4 , I just found I was just curious or wanted the 36mp sensor and it is amazing at base ISO, but I dont need it or use it much.

The price of the D4 bothers me as I feel the D800 is a better camera in some respects. I know the D4 is a blazing fast machine and that's part of what you pay for. My experience with the AF on the 5DIII and D800 was so good I have to laugh when anyone claims one is better than the other. My D700 AF rarely missed, and as you said, the D800 AF is even better.

For canon shooters I think the whole point of the 5DIII is a pro AF. It really launches the camera into a higher league. I own a 5DII and I wished it could AF like the D700. Now it can and then some! If only Canon had managed to push the IQ further the land of Canon would be a happier place.

If money doesn't matter you can create the best kit: D800 with 14-24 & 24-70, 5DIII with the 70-200 IS II, and a D4 with a couple of fast primes. A bit heavy I suppose!


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