What is the most optimum photo size for an iPad2?

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Re: What is the most optimum photo size for an iPad2?

There isn't. It depends. Those last two words are the key.

If you want to view full screen, then an image that is 1024 pixels in its largest dimension will be optimal as it can be displayed exactly as you prepare it without being resized.

But if you use a photo view that has on-screen controls and a smaller viewing area, then the viewing area size will be optimal.

If you want to be able to zoom into the image to see additional detail, then double the 1024 to 2048, or the viewing area to viewing area x 2.

Once pixel size is decided, you need to decide on what level of JPEG compression. If your goal is the maximum number of photos possible, then high compression is needed at the expense of quality, if your goal is maximum quality possible then low compression is needed at the expense of the number of photos that can be stored (because each photo is larger).

There is a sliding scale between quantity and quality. In reality, a setting of between 80-90% quality yeilds good quality highly compressed files that are suitable for most (and if that doesn't include you, you'd tend to know about it).

So starting at 1024 in the maximum dimension at a compression of around 85% will let you store tens or hundreds of thousands of images on the iPad. Then adjust for viewing size, amiunt of zooming required, and compressed quality to suit.


ConanFuji wrote:


I want to make the best of my iPad and load up lots and lots photos for viewing.
This iPad is for someone else.

What is the most optimum photo size, in terms of a balance between image quality and storage for an iPad2

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