5D mark ii vs D800

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Re: 5D mark ii vs D800

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As mentioned by Ghozer is the file size issue. I have a fairly recent well configured Dell PC and am not always happy with the transfer and processing times of my RAW 7D files much less a 22 or worse a 36 MP RAW file. IMO the 5D2 would provide incredible images of your new baby. It's more complicated if you want to spend more for the 5D3 but the much better AF of the 5D3 may be worth it for trying to follow a toddler around the house :D.

The transfer speed depends on a few factors - the processors on camera/computer, read speed of CF, write speed to HD, USB speed etc. They are not the same for different equipment. It looks like D800 attempts to minimize this impact by including USB 3.0 (vs USB 2.0). The USB 3.0 is significantly faster than the previous version. This does not mean overall transfer speed will be significant faster or any faster. It would be good to actually hear from those who own D800 on this regard or review comparison.

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