OMD now on DPreview's studio scene comparison

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Re: OMD now on DPreview's studio scene comparison

Detail Man wrote:

I know, and understand. I apologize for my curtness expressed. I simply became frustrated with the tedium of our conversation surrounding the the "Shutter Speed" bit - but your position on that is (technically) reasonable. Somehow, simply seeing "spell out" your position in numbers enabled me to better "see" your position. That's more about how my own mind operates. Peace.

OK. Apology accepted. But, with an eye to the future, allow me to point out a few things that are important to keep in mind in order to avoid similar problems in any upcoming exchanges:

  • One major reason why I have engaged in prior discussions with you is that you expressly asked for my opinion.

  • I never take part in dicsussions or express myself in a certain fashion merely for the purpose of somehow showing off. What I do I do because I have been asked to do it and/or because I am substantively interested.

  • If the point I am making is of minor importance (such as the one about weighting in the post to which you responded), I would normally spell that out, just as I did in this case. If I do insist on something being done this way rather than that way, it is not because I am inclined to some kind of academic nit-picking or hair-splitting but because I think it is really important in the case at hand, as is/was the question of how we treat/look at the shutter speed in the case just discussed.

  • When I have suggested, as I have on some occasions, that you could do this or that if you are interested, it means precisely that. It does not mean that I think you should do this or that on my behalf, using you as some kind of "tech assistant".

  • I do think that for the most part I express myself with sufficient precision and clarity and do a pretty good job of digging up sources/links when needed (which can be pretty time-consuming at times, such as when I summarized Andy Westlake's description of DPR procedures and provided links to the many individual posts of his on which that summary is based). I don't find it proper of you to ask me to do more of that than I already do.

  • Whenever you have trouble understanding some point of mine or doubt that it is correct, please feel free to say so. I am certainly not infallible. But when that happens, please first take the time to consider exactly what I said as well as exactly what you claimed and think about it for a while. If you're still unsure or in doubt, please make an effort to pinpoint exactly what you have trouble with or want to dispute, and I'll try to respond as best I can. If you had done that in the latest exchange between us, it would have saved us both some time as well as some hard feelings.

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