How many MP is enough?

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vin 13
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the goalposts keep moving...

... there will never be enough. I think the general consensus will continue to change along with the technology.

Before digital, the biggest I ever got a 5x4 scanned was around 45MB, which equates to around 16MP. Partly this was due to what computers back in the days of Photoshop 2 could handle, and the capacity of optical media at the time. It was more than enough for any printed application at the time, 60x40" advertising posters were screen printed at 32dpi. They were big dots!

Large format digital printing (along with the cameras) has changed that. People will always want to push the technology to the max.

Personally, I still think 16MP is still enough most of the time, actually for my work 6MP is probably enough most of the time. However occasionally when something needs to be seriously enlarged, I'd like to have more, sometimes lots more!

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