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Re: Successor of EX1

Thanks, hope the EX2 will be that good as well.

Edit: I assume you have the latest FW installed, I have in mine.


Ysarex wrote:

brianj wrote:

Ysarex wrote:

What you describe is not my experience. Regardless of any EC set for the exposure my experience with the EX1 is simple: White Balance is correct then the sky color is accurate, and that's a period. This example is from my first EX1 (unfortunately stolen). In the previous example I had set a -.3 EC because of the high dynamic range. In this photo you'll see the EC is +.7 (anticipated the meter would reduce exposure because of the bright center). Again all I've done is white balance and tweak Levels, the camera nailed the sky color as always.

Your examples show excellent sky colour, that is the colour I like. Have you got your metering set to multi or centre weighted average, because CWA sometimes exposes about -.7 EV lower than multi, depending where any bright parts are in the scene.

If you use CWA then that would explain your results.


My examples show correct sky color. If you didn't like it it would still be correct -- I'm glad you like it.

I do keep the camera meter set to CWA and that does not explain my results. I use EC regularly when I take photos; ranging between -1 and +1 depending on the condition -- in extreme cases more. Regardless of any adjustment to EC, -1 through +1, my experience is a white balanced photo from the EX1 has accurate sky color.

Your earlier post clearly indicates the sky color changing with EC adjustments:

brianj wrote:

It is also affected by the metering, if it is set to EV=0 then it is most likely to get it wrong as the blue channel can clip before the green allowing green to become greater.

It seldon does it when EV=-.3, and appears to be best when EV=-.7, I have tried many solutions and written about them here, but now I am trying EV=-.7 and if it is ever wrong then I will manually adjust the WB.

In fact, even when the exposure is less than ideal and my EC assessment is off a bit my experience remains the same -- for two different EX1s. Sky color is accurate when the white balance is accurate. If there's going to be an EX2, I hope its color accuracy is the same as its predecessor.


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